Product Upload

Medical Representatives, manufacturers, dealers, stockists, importers, etc may upload, update or feature their products here on OK Pharma.

Welcome to future of Pharmacy.

Benefits of Uploading / Featuring your Products to OK Pharma:

As everybody now has smartphone, more and more people not only search for information online but also buy online. And this consumer base is only increasing.

We, OK Pharma are already one of the top website destination when it comes to medicines, medical devices and products. We are mostly at top result in Google search result in Nepal for searches on medicines and pharmacy products.

So uploading your products with proper description and necessary information, your products can reach more people at their home or anywhere. Not only more people know about your product, it results in more sales too.

Info on changes in prices, features and other descriptions are more available to you than others. So your product info are up to date and customers are more likely to buy such products as it reduces confusions.

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